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Exceptional Leaders Playbook

The follow-up to the best-selling book “What Exceptional Leaders Know,” this highly-anticipated new book from Tracy Spears and Wally Schmader is destined to take your leadership to the next level.


Faith Popcorn called it, “A complete playbook to guide leaders through the next decade of seismic change.” The Playbook is full of actionable tactics and strategies that can and will make you a more impactful and successful leader. The book interacts with the reader to make sure that the recommendations are memorable and applicable to every leader. There are no theories in the Exceptional Leaders Playbook, just proven leadership lessons delivered in a progressive, easy to implement way.


Released May 2018


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What Exceptional Leaders Know

There is no shortage of leadership and management titles available to business and organizational leaders who want to improve their skills. Most of these books lack a “nuts and bolts” approach to the subject and do not offer specific and practical lessons for ambitious leaders. Many are theoretical and many have a highly academic approach to the reader. Simply put, they are not “user-friendly”. With ‘What Exceptional Leaders Know’ we are providing field-proven leadership lessons and observations. These practical lessons are organized into six sections, each focused on a key set of high-level leadership skills.


2nd Edition Released Fall 2017


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Exceptional Leaders Lab Video Series

Access the game-changing new leadership series featuring 16 high-impact modules that will drastically improve your leadership skill set. The content is delivered via live video featuring Tracy Spears & Wally Schmader personally coaching you to be the best leader and professional you can possibly be. Here are the included modules:


  • Personal & Professional Branding
  • Connecting with Different Personalities
  • Goal Setting for Leaders
  • Taking Care of Your Most Valuable Asset
  • Organizing Your Personal Board of Directors
  • The Problem With Brussel Sprouts
  • Growing Your Influence
  • Managing Up
  • Character & Competence
  • Making Meetings Work
  • The 5 Conversations Leaders Must Get Right
  • The Surprising Power of Leadership Humility
  • Transparency & Trust
  • The Power of Recognition
  • Accountability & Engagement
  • Diversity & Inclusion in the Workplace


Your $495 $295 introductory registration fee will give you access to the ELL Video Series on-demand for a full year. You can take your time going through the modules, revisit key topics, or go through the entire course whenever you like for a full year. It’s like have constant access to Tracy Spears and Wally Schmader as your personal leadership coaches.


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