The Q4 Group

Creating a Better Way for the World to Communicate

q4 group

In 2009, Tracy Spears founded The Q4 Group, which specializes in delivering Temperament training workshops and Keynote Speeches.

The Q4 Group was founded with the purpose of providing a better way for the world to communicate. We are a team of highly trained and motivated consultants who have developed a proven method for training companies as well as individuals to better understand and communicate with others…both personally and professionally.

These highly interactive workshops provide hands-on experience in understanding “Why People Do What They Do”. Participants leave each session with practical strategies to communicate better both personally and professionally.

By utilizing a fun, interactive, and experiential model, we can help you and your team answer the question: “Why People Do What They Do?” Whether it’s a department, sales team, or entire company, we can help. At our seminars, you will gain valuable insight to your own communication patterns and an understanding of how that affects and shapes relationships. Join us in discovering an exciting and fun way to unlock the potential that lies in you and your team.

We have specific modules that fit any group and address any of the concerns below.

  • Keynote Speeches
  • Personal Awareness and Development
  • Team Building
  • Stress Management
  • Manager-Employee Relationships
  • Teacher-Student Relationships
  • Sales and Service
  • MGMA Meetings
  • Leadership Workshops
  • Faith-Based Workshops
  • Customer/Patient Relations
  • Marketing Strategies