5 Things You Can Do Today to Play Bigger

Written by on August 2, 2022

I recently had the incredible experience of emceeing an event for 400 women (and three very evolved men) in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The predominant feedback following the meeting was that people left the convention center feeling inspired to think bigger.
Standing on stage, I could feel the energy of the audience change, as they listened to speaker after speaker give examples of the shifts they have experienced, in hopes of providing a spark to each person in that audience to play bigger.
A shift is a decision. It’s consciously wanting to “up your game”… and taking action to ensure success. Playing bigger means letting go of self-limiting beliefs, living without being paralyzed by regrets, getting off autopilot, and co-creating the life you really want… and finally, it means stepping fully into your powerful, beautiful self. 
It’s my intention to inspire you, educate you, and invite you to take action by doing the things that you deep down know you were meant to do.
Just as the woman in the photo above has to make a decision about which handhold to choose to advance to the top, we also have to decide our path to reach our goals.

What step will you take next?

Here are five simple things you can do today to start playing bigger:
  • Determine what brings you joy.
    • Pay attention to the times you are full of energy and truly happy. How can you integrate more of that into your day?
  • Rethink and adjust your routines.
    • What are some of the things you are doing that are hijacking your energy, your power, your momentum? What is ONE new routine you could start, that could shift you for the better?
  • Start networking/connecting with inspiring people.
    • Who makes you want to be better? Is it a friend, colleague, or family member? If no one comes to mind, how about someone you can connect with via books, podcasts, documentaries, etc? For 30 days, be consciously inspired. It will shift you faster than anything else.
  • Make yourself a priority.
    • Quit putting yourself at the bottom of the to-do list. When you set yourself aside, so will everyone else. (ouch)
  • Use your voice.
    • Speak up in that meeting, tell people no when you want/need to, and state your needs. You have to be your own advocate.
If you’d like a daily reminder of these, save this free graphic as your phone screen wallpaper.
This is all meant to be the start of a conversation. I’d love to hear what you are doing to play bigger!
And just so you know, I’m cheering you on!


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