Event details
Date: August 7, 2018
Location: Summit Club
Address: 15 W 6th St Tulsa Tulsa

Tracy Spears will lead a 1 1/2 day comprehensive training to certify professionals and trainers on Temperament Fluency. She will be coaching trainers to deliver her “Colors” temperament fluency training inside their organizations to improve communication, accountability, and teamwork.

So, what is Temperament Fluency? It is understanding and appreciating all temperaments. Being Fluent provides an understanding of the “intent” of people instead of the behaviors. If we could all have the understanding and appreciation of each other’s intent…instead of behavior, a lot of arguments and misunderstandings could be eliminated.

Registrations opportunities for this certification workshop are very limited, we’re already over halfway full. Here are the details:

The training will be held at the Summit Club from 8:30am-4:00pm Monday, August 6th, continuing from 8:30am-12:00pm on the 7th.

Attendees will Learn:

How to Identify & Understand the Different Temperaments
How to Connect with Different Personalities
Why People Do What They Do
How High-Performance Teams Work
How to Manage Different Personalities
How to Deliver this Crucial Training to Your Organization

Attendees will Leave With:

Participants will leave the day-and-a-half workshop prepared to deliver high-impact Temperament Fluency training with their teams. They will be equipped with the necessary presentation materials from outlines to PowerPoints and more and be confident in their ability to present this training.


The cost is $2500 per certification participant, discounts available for nonprofit organizations. Would you like to reserve a spot for someone on your team?

Call or email to register:
[email protected]