Tracy is co-founder, along with Wally Schmader, of the Exceptional Leaders Lab. The Lab enables leaders everywhere to acquire skills and learn strategies to become exceptional leaders.


The eight modules in the ELP Online Course will drastically increase your leadership skill set. During the three hours of immersive and fast-paced video content, you will learn ideas and tactics that you can leverage immediately with your team. Our five guarantees:

  • Original Content You Won’t See Anywhere Else
  • Immediately Actionable Recommendations
  • Real-World Proven Strategies Guaranteed to Get Results
  • Ideas and Tactics You Will Be Able to Share With Your Team
  • Eight modules delivered in a concise 15-25 minutes each

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What Exceptional Leaders Know

This powerful collaborative approach has helped leaders and aspiring leaders all over the world to improve their leadership skills and their understanding of how to positively influence people and organizations.

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Is Your Employee a “Can’t” or a “Won’t?”

Is Your Employee a “Can’t” or a “Won’t?”

This may be the most important distinction you will ever learn as a leader. Leaders and managers who never learn to discern if their people are...

Your 5 Step Energy Audit

Your 5 Step Energy Audit

Energy is your most crucial asset. What makes it especially important for leaders is that it dictates how you can deploy your other leadership...

People Quit Bosses, Not Companies

People Quit Bosses, Not Companies

All of us have heard this statement at some point, and it turns out to be true. A recent Gallup survey showed that just over 50% of employees who...

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