The One Question Employees and Leaders Must Be Able to Answer

Written by on June 25, 2018

It always seems to be oversimplifying to think there is just this ONE thing or THREE blah, blah, blahs….that could ultimately determine someone’s success in a role but I believe there truly is only one question that you must be able to answer to ultimately determine your success: 

What exactly does success look like in my current role?

Seems simple, yes?

Too many people cannot answer this question and it leads to poor performance reviews, misunderstandings, conflict, and confusion. If you are a leader, does every direct report know the three things they must do to be successful in their role? Not the job description or the subjective things we all do to please others we work with…I’m asking about the three objectives, measurables that you are paying the most attention to. Said differently…the three things you should really be paying attention to instead of all of the piled-up to-dos.

I’m suggesting that everyone reading this go to the people he or she reports to and the people that report to them…and ask this one question: What exactly does success look like in your current role? It might surprise you with the answers you get. At the very least, it will create a conversation to ensure you are on the same page.