Are you ready for a game changer?

Written by on August 23, 2022

Imagine for a moment that you were willing to be completely accountable for everything that happens to you. That you buy into the idea that you are not a victim in any way…but instead…a co-creator. Said differently, you embrace the concept that you actually have the ability to influence the abundance that is possible in your life.
For some of you, this is already your knowing. For others, this might be a reminder, and yet for others still, this could be a totally new concept.  Regardless of your current situation, there is something you can do right now… at this moment…that could shift your life for the better. The best part of this strategy is how simple it is, yet it’s still elusive for most. It requires three things: discipline, intention, and time.
Are you ready for the game changing concept?
“What you think about, you bring about.”
Yep…that’s it. 
No doubt you have heard this a thousand times in a thousand ways. The first time I heard it was in a super grainy video years ago called “The Strangest Secret.” Then I read about it in Napoleon Hill’s book “Think and Grow Rich.”  I remember feeling skeptical at first. It seemed too easy.  Of course, I’m thinking positive thoughts, aren’t we all?  (Insert eye roll here)
Turns out, I wasn’t.  I was thinking about everything that could possibly go wrong in my life so that I could be more prepared.  That “preparation” was actually ensuring that I would need “Plan B” often.
Here is a question I ponder often… What if we get to the end of our life only to find out that we got everything in life we thought about with some consistency? …. Now, really think about that.
For just a moment, inventory your most dominant thoughts. What are the things you consistently think about? Are they things you do or don’t want? Most of us have a tendency to play defensively instead of offensively. Said differently, we think about what we don’t want instead of what we do want.
Did you know the brain can’t process the word don’t? Any time you say, “don’t do this” (fill in the blank), your brain ends up picturing the very thing you are trying to stop doing. You know this if you have kids…. don’t touch the hot stove, don’t run through the house, etc…
I wear a bracelet every day (think black rubber band bracelet) that says simply….” It’s on its way.” It’s my reminder that I get to choose. That I am not a victim in any way. I think about it almost like a menu that I’m ordering from. Today…well, I’ll take health, wealth, happiness, and prosperity in abundance.  Oh, and how about connecting with someone unexpectedly that brings me joy? And I’d like a belly laugh or two sometime during the day.  Yes…order complete.
It only takes a few minutes each morning.  I usually place my order while walking the dog or showering…then I think about it every few hours.
The question is…what did you order for yourself today? What are your most dominant thoughts? What are you consistently thinking about? Maybe you should start paying more attention because whatever they are…
It’s on its way.