“The event was FANTASTIC! Tracy provided communication strategies that an employee can implement RIGHT NOW and see change.”

-Cassia Carr, Social Chair, Women’s Energy Network

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“Tracy’s sessions stand out because she gives practical answers to complex questions, balancing telling it like it is with genuine empathy.”

Adele Poole, Eastman Chemical Company

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“Tracy Spears has a way of nudging, guiding, and prompting one to look more deeply into leadership and how that plays out both personally and professionally.”

Kuma Roberts Chief Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Officer, Arrowhead Consulting

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Tracy Spears Keynote Speaker

“This was one of the best HUD Trainings I’ve attended. The facilitator was engaging, precise, and insightful.”

Chris, US Department of Housing & Urban Development, Office of Public & Indian Housing

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Tracy Spears Diversity & Inclusion