Debunking the Introvert / Extrovert Myth

Written by on July 18, 2013

At our workshops, “Why People Do What They Do” we spend a great deal of time talking about the true definition of Introvert and Extrovert. Most people think it’s the person at the front of the room but that can be misleading. The true definition lies in 2 things. 1. What gives someone energy 2. How they process information.

Though we are born with one interaction style being our dominant, we go through life utilizing both in different situations. Some people are sure of their dominant interaction style but typically we see people fall somewhere in the middle of the continuum. They do so because they have had to develop the other style to “fit in” or to adapt to a family preference.

Think of the introverted child that is born to extroverted parents. The parents push the child to join different groups, become involved in extra curricular activities, get more involved in team sports, etc. Why is it even important to discuss? Let’s talk about energy first.

Knowing what gives and what takes your energy is vital to surviving the stressful world we live in. Few people pay enough attention to the idea that they have a limited amount of energy. We pride ourselves on saying we go and go and go only to one day end up crashing. The crash can be as obvious as exhaustion or as simple as poor decision making. The real secret is to avoid the crash to begin with.

Pay more attention to things that fill you with energy and to the things that drain you. Build in time to re-charge your own battery so that you aren’t running on fumes all of the time. And remember, you and the people you love, deserve the best you have to give.

Next time we will talk about how introverts/extroverts process information.

  1. Wally Schmader   On   November 3, 2013 at 11:33 am

    This is a great post. Especially this memorable and useful quote: ‘knowing what gives and takes your energy is vital to surviving the stressful world we live in’. I look forward to future posts on this topic. Thanks Tracy.

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