EP 2 | Everything is Negotiable with Meg Myers Morgan

Written by on August 22, 2022

Even after finding the courage to up their game and step fully onto their path of power, women often have trouble clarifying their true value, asking for what they deserve, and saying no to opportunities that don’t meet their needs. When you’ve been taught all your life to think and play small, how do you make the shift to living the full and fulfilling life you’re meant to live?

My guest Dr. Meg Myers Morgan, is a keynote speaker and executive coach who helps her clients develop their leadership skills and achieve clarity in times of overwhelm and change. She’s also an incredibly gifted writer, and the author of Everything is Negotiable, a bestseller based on her notable TEDx Talk.

In this conversation, we discuss the power of standing still, why a scarcity mindset will hold you back from playing big, and how to tap into your inner “lighthouse” (don’t worry, we get into it!).

Ready to play bigger? Listen now to discover:

  • Why sometimes you need to do less in order to achieve more
  • The #1 thing that women need to know when entering into salary or pricing negotiations
  • An exercise to help you recognize the self-limiting beliefs that may keep you playing small

Dr. Meg Myers Morgan is an award-winning author, keynote speaker, and certified executive coach who works with executives seeking to strengthen their leadership capacity through self-reflection. She is the author of the best-selling book “Everything is Negotiable,” an associate professor at the University of Oklahoma, and currently the chair of the Tulsa Mayor’s Commission on the Status of Women.


02:50  Meet Meg Myers Morgan

05:27  Early creativity & “sticky” writing

07:50  The Women’s Summit

09:54  The lighthouse & the boats

14:13  Be clear on what you do (and don’t do)

16:22  Pricing

18:03  Everything is Negotiable

20:45  Why don’t we ask for more?

23:10  Shifting into playing bigger

27:02  Self-limiting beliefs

30:10  Introversion & extroversion

32:29  Core values & big fears

35:23  Being “too much”

39:49  Untethering yourself & embracing “more”

43:10  Concierge Key story

46:37  TED Talks



Dr. Meg Myers Morgan


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TEDx: Negotiating For Your Life