EP 6 | Do the Inner Work with June Miller

Written by on September 20, 2022

Self-improvement is a top priority for exceptional leaders, but the first step is understanding who you are, why you choose the actions you take, and your impact on those around you. Inner work should be thought of as the powerful and reliable growth strategy that it is. If you want to play a bigger game and increase your capacity to lead, then you need to be ready to build a better version of yourself — and my guest June Miller is an expert at providing people with the tools they need to do so.

June is an intuitive guide and transformational teacher who is committed to helping others see themselves and their contribution to the world. Our conversation covers some big topics, including the power of intentionality and why so many people are afraid of doing inner work. I encourage you to tune in if you’re ready to be inspired and shift your mindset!

Ready to play bigger? Listen now to discover:

  • How to strengthen your deeper, inner listening skills and how it will help you to strengthen your relationships
  • How we create our own realities — and why we need to stop creating from a mindset of scarcity
  • What the natural world can teach us about contribution

Guest bio: June Miller is a seasoned intuitive guide who has been deeply involved in the personal development space her entire adult life. She is the founder of Raising the World, Inc, a nonprofit working with indigenous communities, as well as the owner/director of Spirit On The Water, a healing retreat center in the US Virgin Islands.


01:44  Intro

02:33  Meet June Miller

05:24  Setting intentions & strengthening connections

08:03  Building your awareness & listening skills

09:59  Why don’t we trust ourselves?

13:30  The invitation & Spirit On The Water

15:53  June’s big shifts

19:04  Scarcity v. abundance

22:42  Psychedelics & listening

26:08  Trusting the Universe

28:41  Authenticity & wider impact

30:58  Juney Moon: The Journey Begins

35:14  Raising the World


June Miller




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