EP 12 | Shifting an Imbalanced Society with Pam McKissick

Written by on November 1, 2022

The last time that author, artist, radio host, and business leader Pam McKissick appeared on Shift Out Loud, the audience response was overwhelming. Both women and men reached out to let me know how much they enjoyed her fascinating insights.

And I hear you!

The co-author of Grab It Back! Equality, Money, Power & Sex is back for another thought-provoking and inspiring discussion about gender politics, social conditioning, and the keys to enhancing female leadership.

Tune in to hear our in-depth conversation about why so many men have difficulty perceiving the injustice around them, how to counter the QAnon threat, and the two facts that shape Pam’s opinion of Liz Cheney — and if you missed it the first time around, check out Episode #3 for Pam’s debut appearance on the podcast (link below!).

Ready to play bigger? Listen now to discover:

  • Why it’s completely okay to be seen as “abrasive” or “hard to get along with” if it’s for the right reasons
  • What we can do to address the serious gender imbalances in our social structure
  • The trick to networking with greater success

Guest bio: Pam McKissick is a seasoned businesswoman, marketing executive, and radio host known for her charismatic personality and uncanny ability to transform traditional thinking and chart new paths toward personal and professional growth.

She resides with her partner, Cheryl Gregory, on an 80-acre horse ranch in Tulsa, Oklahoma. They co-own BossMaresArt.com and are co-authors of Grab It Back! Equality, Money, Power & Sex.


01:22  Meet Pam McKissick

02:31  Gender energy imbalance

04:49  Standing up & social conditioning

08:55  What we can do better

12:10  Perceiving the issue

15:55  Liz Cheney revisited

19:48  What makes a great politician?

23:05  Leadership & Integrity

27:43  Mentors & inspirations

30:22  Networking

37:48  Colleague & mobster story

43:04  Theater


Pam McKissick



Shift Out Loud Ep 3 | Grab Power Back with Pam McKissick 

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