EP 14 | Modern Marketing for a Cross-cultural World with Dana Arnett

Written by on November 15, 2022


Over her 30-year career as an executive VP in the entertainment industry, Dana Arnett has delivered over 6000 television shows to audiences around the world — but these days, she is focused on creating a different kind of impact.

Motivated by the psychological effects of discrimination in the industry, she has since retired from entertainment and founded Wicked Bionic, a marketing and advertising agency built around promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion, both internally and externally.

Dana is passionate about creating positive change through inclusive marketing, advocacy, and supporting women-owned businesses. Tune in to learn about the differences between multiculturalism and cross-culturalism, the link between non-inclusive workplace cultures and quiet quitting, and why true advocacy involves turning over the mic.

Ready to play bigger? Listen now to discover:

  • The biggest lessons Dana has learned while building her business and her top advice for entrepreneurs
  • What sets inclusive marketing apart from the traditional, whitewashed style of marketing — and one major non-inclusive marketing nightmare
  • When you should start hiring in your business — and what you should get off your plate first

Guest bio: Dana Arnett encourages the diverse team at her Wicked Bionic marketing and advertising agency to push beyond conventional ways to reach into communities by seeking to fundamentally understand cultural nuances and the minds and hearts of consumers. She graduated from Cornell University’s Diversity and Inclusion Certification program and serves on the board of Fulfillment Fund, a 40-year non-profit in Southern California.


01:50  Intro

03:29  Meet Dana Arnett

06:26  Leaving entertainment

11:13  Tips for transitioning to entrepreneurship

14:44  When to start hiring

16:27  Los Angeles Public Library story

18:50  Advocacy & standing up

20:12  Inclusive marketing

22:12  “Hand me the mic”

24:13  Diversity & emotion

26:52  Gilligan’s Island

29:59  Multicultural & cross-cultural

31:42  Corporations & equity

36:01  What’s next

43:07  WEBENC


Dana Arnett