EP 16 | Unlocking Your Negotiation Superpower with Jennifer Bennett

Written by on November 29, 2022

Since leaving the corporate world, Jennifer Bennett has brought her cross-functional leadership experience in Fortune 500 companies to academia. She’s taught subjects including negotiation and enterprise risk management as an adjunct professor and now serves as Chief of Staff and Lead of the Transformation Management Office of The University of Tulsa.

In this episode, we dig into the magic that happens when leaders create a culture where stakeholder opinions are truly acknowledged, why it’s crucial to construct relationship maps for your business partnerships, and how teaching others has helped her reflect on her own performance throughout her career.

Ready to play bigger? Listen now to discover: 

  • How to negotiate agreements that offer impactful wins for all parties — and why negotiating with empathy is a real-life superpower
  • How to understand and deal with people who are not open to compromise
  • How to propose and implement major organizational shifts more collaboratively and effectively

Guest bio: Jennifer Bennett is the Chief of Staff and leads the Transformation Management Office of The University of Tulsa. She has extensive experience delivering aspirational and sustainable business results through Strategy Development and Implementation, Innovation and Transformation Leadership, Change Management and Strategic Partnerships, Business Development, Service Delivery, and Operations Management.


01:37  Intro

02:30  Meet Jennifer Bennett

04:40  Shifting from corporate to academia

06:21  Collaboration during change

09:12  When leaders neglect stakeholders

10:55  Creating relationship maps

14:15  Negotiating with empathy

16:54  Emotional negotiation story

18:50  Understanding perspective & motivation

21:37  Fight v. negotiation story

24:03  Preparing for negotiation

27:22  “Letting the mud settle”

28:45  Think bigger

30:33  Adjunct professor experience

33:37  Work-life balance

39:10  Looking back

45:54  What’s next


Jennifer Bennett https://www.linkedin.com/in/jennifer-bennett-8292116

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