EP 18 | Ego or Impact with Maria Stanfield

Written by on December 13, 2022

How do you know when you’re following your true passion… and when you’re just walking the path others have set for you? My guest Maria Stanfield has cracked the code.

Maria is a speaker, bestselling author, and executive coach who is committed to empowering people with the tools to thrive in business and in life. Through her nonprofit, My Sister’s Closet, and her executive coaching practice, My Sister CEO, she offers support and resources to women seeking professional success. Her organization, The Future Face of Law, promotes diversity in the legal industry.

In this conversation, we explore Maria’s experience with imposter syndrome and the inspiring vision that led her to become a values-based serial entrepreneur on a mission to make a difference!

Ready to play bigger? Listen now to discover:

  • The vital question you need to ask yourself before pursuing or accepting new opportunities — no matter how prestigious they may be
  • The tool that helps Maria set her intentions regarding where and how to create impact
  • A powerful book recommendation that is sure to inspire you!

Guest bio: Maria Stanfield is an Empowerment Speaker, Certified Executive Coach, and a bestselling author with a heart of service. She is the founder of My Sister’s Closet, My Sister CEO, and The Future Face of Law, an organization built to bridge the diversity gap in the law industry. She is the author of From the Front Desk to the Corner Office.


01:36  Intro

03:50  Meet Maria Stanfield

06:34  Modeling industry

08:10  Rollercoasters & adrenaline

11:34  Imposter syndrome & dream job

16:48  Ego or impact

23:13  Founding My Sister’s Closet

25:20  Riding in the impact lane

27:41  Vision boards

30:31  Think and Grow Rich

34:57  Staying in the process

37:46  Shifting to The Future Face of Law

43:06  Maria’s vision & promoting belonging

47:23  Final thoughts


Maria Stanfield



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