EP 26 | Embracing Your Authentic Path with Dr. Mrinalini Garv

Written by on April 18, 2023

When you’re surrounded by people telling you what you should be doing, feeling, or working toward, it’s hard to hear the inner voice that is telling you what you truly want — and even harder to speak your truth. How do you know when the path you’re on is one you’ve chosen for yourself… and how do you make a shift to one that better reflects your goals?

Dr. Mrinalini Garv is a bestselling author and career coach who helps South Asian professional women master their careers, so they can thrive as immigrants and achieve the success they didn’t even know was possible.

Mrinalini found her own incredible success after leaving an arranged marriage, moving to a new continent, completely changing her career, and embracing her most authentic self! Our conversation covers cultural expectations, courageous shifts, speaking up, and speaking out.

Listen now to discover: 

  • Why we need to stop listening to the voices of others and tune into our own
  • How Mrinalini stays aligned with her higher purpose — and helps other women connect to theirs
  • Why running into an obstacle may actually be a sign that you’re on the right path!


Guest bio: Dr. Mrinalini Garv is America’s only career coach for South Asian professional women. A bestselling author and multiple-time career changer, Dr. Garv has worked as a physician, a leadership coach, and a business professor in world-renowned organizations. Having had to maneuver her career success without a mentor that looks like her or had experiences similar to hers, Dr. Garv has become that mentor to South Asian professionals.


01:46  Intro

02:55  Meet Dr. Mrinalini Garv

05:54  Fairness creams & beauty standards

09:41 Why we are held back

14:16  Moving to the United States

18:34  Cultural expectations

22:17  Aligning to your higher purpose

27:09  Recognizing the signs in your life

29:37  Mrinalini’s work as a coach

32:09  Cultural differences & similarities

34:39  What’s next


Dr. Mrinalini Garv



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