EP 29 | From the Biggest Loser to the Biggest Stages with Mimi Brown

Written by on May 9, 2023

Mimi Brown is an award-winning motivational leadership speaker and the CEO of AMP Up Success. Through her training and coaching services, Mimi works with individuals and organizations to amplify their communication and leadership so they can make an influential impact on the world.

In this episode of Shift Out Loud, I sit down with Mimi to discuss her transformational journey from working in the corporate world, to running her own successful business, to returning to corporate… on her OWN terms.

Tune in as we explore what she loves most about having accountability partners, what she’s discovered about the unreality of reality television, and how she deals with speaking on some of the biggest stages — including the National Speakers Association!

Ready to play bigger? Listen now to discover: 

  • How Mimi became an in-demand keynote speaker and the importance of identifying your core messages
  • How to create your ideal boundaries and “slay your demanding dragons”
  • What Mimi learned from her experience appearing on The Biggest Loser


Guest bio: Mimi is CEO of AMP Up Success and the author of three books, AMP Up Your Success: 52 Tips Every Leader Should Know, AMP Up Sales: 71 Tips to Skyrocket Your Revenue, and Be A Communication Rockstar: 52 Tips To Gain Connection, Skyrocket Confidence, Reduce Conflict. She was awarded Michigan’s Elite 40 Under 40 and Michigan Meetings and Events Magazine’s Best Speaker of 2020. She has been a media personality on WDIV’s Live In the D and a contestant on NBC’s Biggest Loser.


01:39  Intro

02:42  Meet Mimi Brown

03:42  Experience of Tulsa

05:52  Becoming a keynote speaker

08:58  National Speakers Association

10:34  Behind the scenes of The Biggest Loser

17:01  Accountability partners & personal ecosystems

20:42  Setting your boundaries intentionally

22:33  Shifting into entrepreneurship

28:14  Manifestation

30:56  Chipotle story

34:04  Getting clarity on what you want

37:26  Divorce, corporate return & what’s next

43:06  Ghana & final advice


Mimi Brown


Instagram: @heymimibrown