EP 30 | Writing Your Story Mosaic with Shawna Suckow

Written by on May 16, 2023

Shawna Suckow is a coach, consultant, and speaker with some serious knowledge of the customer mindset. As a former corporate buyer, she became fascinated with how organizations marketed and sold to her.

Her first book, Planner Pet Peeves: Straight Talk for Meetings Industry Suppliers to Understand How Planners Really Think, Act and Buy, aimed at helping organizations better understand how their target customers think. Her fifth book, The Roaring Twenties: Marketing & Selling Better in the Post-Pandemic Decade: Creating Strategies for Shifting B2B and B2C Consumer Behavior, was named by Forbes.com as a top marketing book of 2022.

In this episode of Shift Out Loud, Shawna and I dig into the evolution of buyers and how savvy brands are building authentic connections. We also discuss how she shifted from NEVER wanting to be in front of an audience (even sabotaging her own chance of becoming her high school’s valedictorian) to becoming a full-time Certified Speaking Professional — and joining an elite group of just 17% of the world’s speakers!

Listen now to discover:

  • How she launched her speaking career — and the key insight that helped her become a successful speaker
  • How story marketing has shifted and why brands need to create a Story Mosaic
  • How she navigated MAJOR shifts during the pandemic and came out even stronger

Shawna Suckow has 20 years of specialized knowledge in consumer behavior, sales, and marketing, and has built her career around helping humans and organizations stand out, build trust, and inspire action. As a speaker, consultant, and coach, she helps clients and audiences craft and tell their stories through her Story Mosaic Strategy.


01:42  Intro

03:44  Meet Shawna Suckow

05:12  World Series of Poker & Competition

11:15  Certification & shift to speaking full-time

14:40  Shawna’s books

19:14  What buyers want

25:24  Who is getting it right?

27:03  Pandemic shifts

35:01  Ecosystem shifts

38:56  Next shifts


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