EP 31 | Trusting Your Intuition & Preventing Violence with Barb Jordan

Written by on May 22, 2023

CONTENT NOTE:  This episode deals with intimate partner violence and homicide. Listener discretion is advised.

Barb Jordan is not only an excellent example of how to play bigger, she’ll inspire you to move about the world a little bit differently. Barb is a three-time NCAA Division 2 softball champion who also played and coached softball for Team USA for eight years and was part of the 1996 Olympic Women’s Softball team, among other athletic accomplishments.

But Barb’s most important shift has been founding Always Bev, a platform with the mission to educate and empower individuals with the skills that can help them prevent crime and violent attacks. Always Bev was created in honor of her Barb’s sister Beverly, who was tragically murdered by her fiancé.

As an in-demand Personal Safety Expert, Barb helps others recognize warning signs, predict unwanted behavior, and protect themselves. Her podcast, Always Bev: The Ripple Effect, is both a learning tool and an inside look at the reality of intimate partner violence. In this conversation, Barb shares the heartbreaking story of her sister’s death, how she healed from the lingering effects of that trauma and key insights into the minds of predators.

Listen now to discover:

  • What it was like to make history as part of the first Olympic Women’s Softball team
  • The warning signs you shouldn’t ignore and why you need to trust your intuition
  • Her experience speaking to the student body at Washington State University after the Idaho 4 murders

Guest bio: Barb Jordan is the founder of Always Bev, a platform through which she shares her passion of educating others on personal safety at home, on campus, and in social environments. Her commitment to preventing violence against others with her astute teaching style has captivated audiences across the country.


04:04  Meet Barb Jordan

05:03  Sports & politics

08:58  Dugout story & the Olympics

13:45  Post-Olympics career

15:33  Beverly’s story

20:21  Therapy, trauma & healing

30:09  Always Bev & warning signs

33:22  Building awareness

35:45  The Idaho 4 & predators

41:05  Takeaways & working with Barb

44:21  Remembering Bev & next shifts


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