EP 32 | Cultivating Space for Your Humanity with Dr. Dwayne Jenkins

Written by on May 30, 2023

Dr. Dwayne Jenkins won’t just help you to play bigger — he’ll also teach you how to live fully and authentically. Dr. Jenkins is a board-certified gynecologic oncologist recognized for his expertise in advanced laparoscopy and robotic surgery.

Twenty years as a cancer surgeon has taught him this above all: the most powerful medicine flows from the heart, not the hands. Now, Dr. Jenkins is on a mission to teach a generation the power of meditation and self-acceptance. His own journey of self-acceptance took a winding path through the Southern Baptist faith, marriage, and Alcoholics Anonymous before he finally embraced his identity as a gay man.

Dr. Jenkins shares how he found an oasis of inclusivity in the middle of the Bible Belt, why you NEED to learn about Substack, and what trees can teach us about building community.

Listen now to discover:

  • How he shifted away from his Southern Baptist upbringing and continues to cultivate a self-affirming space
  • How letting go of shame has allowed him to heal and make a bigger impact
  • How to strengthen your subconscious mind — and how it will benefit you!

Guest bio: Dr. Dwayne Jenkins is a gynecologic oncologist and partner in a multi-specialty cancer practice in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He writes about faith, wellness, and spirituality in his Substack newsletter, The Art of No Hard Conversations, and hosts the Words of Love with Dr. Dwayne podcast. He wants to lead a group of high-performing tree huggers dedicated to service and self-care.


01:42  Intro

03:30  Meet Dr. Dwayne Jenkins

06:15  Mycelia

07:59  Healing & embracing identity

12:00  Tulsa & inclusivity

13:34  “Coming out of the gay sober closet”

17:02  Coming in with intention

19:31  Substack & authorship

24:52 Self-awareness, spirituality & the subconscious

28:42  Shifting to a new chapter

38:19  Respecting your own humanity

42:34  Personal ecosystems & detaching lovingly

55:18  Find Dr. Dwayne


Dr. Dwayne Jenkins




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