EP 36 | Choosing the Right Opportunities and Finding Harmony with Jessica Lowe-Betts

Written by on June 27, 2023

Often, our most impactful shifts can take us by surprise or seem to come out of nowhere. My guest for this episode of Shift Out Loud is mastering the art of recognizing the right opportunities and shifting out loud with intention — whether that means playing bigger in the corporate world, leading her community, or embracing her role at home.

Jessica Lowe-Betts is a Vice President at the PR and leadership development firm Schnake Turnbo Frank and a former Senior Diversity & Inclusion Consultant at ONEOK. She has had an incredible career and more than her fair share of shifts! For over a decade prior to joining ONEOK, Jessica worked in various roles at the Tulsa Regional Chamber and Tulsa Regional Tourism, has co-chaired the Association for Women in Communications Newsmakers Event, and currently serves as the inaugural Chair of the Board of Directors for Greenwood Rising history center.

Our discussion explores the lessons that Jessica has learned through experiencing a tragic loss in her early childhood, her struggles with overcoming imposter syndrome, and how each of her amazing shifts has led to her current success.

Listen now to discover:

  • Why Jessica shifted away from her first love, broadcast journalism, and toward local government and business organizations
  • How she knew when it was time to play bigger — and how she recognized the right opportunity
  • How she is nailing her core as a mother and wife, and being intentional about where she is in her life right now

Guest bio: Jessica Lowe-Betts is a Vice President at Schnake Turnbo Frank’s Tulsa office with 15+ years of experience in government affairs, communications, marketing, leadership coaching, and diversity, equity and inclusion consulting. She is an experienced DEI practitioner, communications professional, event planner, and community leader.


01:37  Intro

03:36  Meet Jessica Lowe-Betts

06:36  Early years & memories

11:25  Family support

13:50  Shifting to college

17:23  Shifting away from journalism

21:50  Shifts & evolutions

24:08  Imposter syndrome

26:55  Knowing the right opportunity

30:50  Schnake & “beautiful chaos”

35:12  Pandemic, harmony & authenticity

39:24  The pay-off & inclusion

43:07  What’s next?


Jessica Lowe-Betts



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